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Brother Jamaal Nelson

Entrepreneur, Veteran, Historian and Pan-African!

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Knowledge of Self board game: Black-tastic Edition!

Laugh and learn as your venture through Black culture and history ranging from Black music, sayings/doings, movies, activists, inventors, and more!

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Who is dis? EVENT

Performance showcases, fashion show, live interviews, Black history presentation, stand-up comedy, political and community updates and more!

Three people will participate in a showcase displaying a hidden talent or something unique about them! They are free to sing, dance, improv, etc. but with a twist. They will have some type of face covering to hide their identity from the crowd. The crowd will individually vote for who they think the performer is. Whoever answers both the most correct and the fastest by the end of the event wins a prize! Also, Black history trivia that will go towards your final score! There will also be a fashion show, live interviews, Indiana Black history presentation, stand-up comedy, political and community updates, and more!

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Brother Jamaal x Naptown Narratives!


Peace, I am honored to collab with Naptown Narratives to share my story of how I turned pain and plight into revolution while living and giving back in the world's largest small city. Come experience the story of how Brother Jamaal came about and how we can provide a better overall quality of life for the masses of our people.

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Back To School Drive!

Peace, we gave away 150 book bags filled with basic school supplies in less than one hour! Thank you to Watkins Park for allowing us to utilized their space! Also, big thanks to everyone who donated, volunteered, and supported in any way! 

Saturday July 22nd


Watkins Park

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Fist Full of Plight Novel!

Book reviews below

Being lost within yourself is an internal conflict many of us can relate to. How can yo properly navigate through life if you don't know who you are? What is your purpose? What impact will you leave on the world once everything is all said and done? How does understanding and applying what has happened in the past relate to the present and future? Joel is going thorugh his journey of self-discovery to answer these questions for himself. Using his knowledge, fortitude, and life experiences to improve the overall quality of life of himself and his people

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The Black Liberation Lecture Series!

Brother Jamaal touches on his life story and four significant stains hindering Black peoples progression. Social degradation, political castration. economic exploitation and n*gga-tivty.

The Black Liberation Lectures series organized by Murdock and Brother Jamaal provided valuable information, inspiration, products, services, special guest performances and more!

(June 28, 2023)

Speakers: Murdock and Brother Jamaal Opening remarks: Rep. Robin Shackleford

Guest performances: Saucy Stilettos (live dance)

Tom Foolery (live saxophone)

Host: Demond Hicks

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The Online Liberation Book Club!

Currently have 13 members in 6 states!

The Liberation Book Club headed by Brother Jamaal aims to re-educate, empower and better the overall quality of life of the masses of Black/African people by both reading and discussing Black focused/Afro-centric books!

$5 monthly member fee

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United X events!

Organized by Brother Jamaal and Demond Hicks

United X previously hosted The Find Art Show with over 500 people in attendance! More events to comes! United Xcellence was Organized by Brother Jamaal Nelson and Demond Hicks. Their goal is to create opportunities that generates exposure for unique creatives, entrepreneurs, service providers and other talented individuals!

(Visit Brother Jamaal's Instagram for more details, photos, videos and more!)

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Melanin in May Raffle Winner!

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Malcolm X giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who donated to my classroom! I was able to purchase my students physical copies of the Autobiography of Malcolm X to take home and keep!

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"Melanin comes with power!"

Children's Book
(Physical copies, E-book, and read along/audio book on YouTube)

Upliftment, re-education, positive imagery, and motivational messages!

  • Story 1: Your melanin is glorious!

  • Story 2: Black economic structure!

  • Story 3: Black creativity runs the world!

  • Story 4: The African diaspora!

  • Story 5: By Any Means Necessary: Black Progression!

  • Story 6: Black girls are magical!

  • Story 7: The teaching machine!

  • Story 8: A boy and a man!

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Home: About

Knowledge of Self FREE gaming app!

Knowledge of Self DEMO is out now!

Below are direct links to download then play the app on your phone! This is my first app so I would appreciate any feedback so I know what to keep the same or fix.







Bro Jamaal Nelson-05.JPG

Bro Jamaal Nelson-05.JPG





Brother Jamaal in Person!

Get Brother Jamaal to visit your school or youth group!

What will you receive?

- A Knowledge of Self board game

- Words from Brother Jamaal

- Fist Full of Plight novel

- Melanin Comes w/ Power children’s book

- Animated series sneak peak

- KOS mobile gaming app

- Online book club information and more!

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Home: About

The Root Magazine Coverage!

(Black owned media outlet)

The Root Magazine covers AKQ's Black culture and history Knowledge of Self board game!

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OverThaTop Podcast!

Brother Jamaal is a guest on the OverThaTop podcast!

Features Brother Jamaal, a young Black serial-entrepreneur, speaker, and Pan-African. This episode touches on Black ownership, revolution, why abortion is anti-Black, Black history, and more!

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Ujamaa Book Store!

AKQ's Knoweldge of Self board game is available for purchase in person at the Black owned Ujamma community book store! 

Address: 2424 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

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Juneteenth 2022 Recap

Brother Jamaal x Juneteenth weekend

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What's coming next?

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Brother Malcolm X

Who was Malcolm X?

 El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X, was not your normal civil rights activist. He was a great orator, revolutionary, nationalist, philosopher, and human rights activist. His ideologies and strategies geared towards bringing upon a thorough re-education amongst the masses of Black people on a global aspect to alleviate ourselves from white and/or European indoctrination which has plagued and disillusioned Black people for centuries. What will truly liberate Black/African people is owning, operating, and controlling our own economical structure as Black people. Controlling our own destiny and future so we do not have to cry, beg, plead, compromise and suck up to non-Black people to do for us in which we have the unique power and ability to do for ourselves. There is a Malcolm X speech, quote or excerpt to solve any problem we face today as Black people. His demise was over 50 years ago but his philosophies and economic blueprint aiming to better the overall quality of life of the masses of Black people are still relevant today.

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