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Black-tastic patches! (iron-on patches)

Black-tastic patches! (iron-on patches)


Create your own Black Power clothing! The revolutionary Pan-African patches can be applied to any clothing or fabric. Jackets, shirts, jeans, hand bangs, shorts, hats, etc. All you need is an iron to put the patch on your clothing.


Step 1: Lay the clothing on a flat surface. Grab your iron.

Step 2: Make sure the area you are applying the patch is ironed and smooth. Do not apply the patch until clothing is ironed. Place the patch on the area you want the patch.

Step 3: Place your iron onto the patch and iron over it for 5 seconds at a time then lift up the iron to let it cool off. You can repeat the process to ensure it stays on the clothing but not too much to wear the patch is burned.

Step 4: Let the clothing and patch cool off for 10 minutes. Turn the clothing inside out and iron the back of the patch to ensure the patch is fully on the clothing.

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  • Thick clothing or fabric (coats, jeans, etc.)

    Apply a lot of pressure when it comes to more thick fabric or material. You may have to purchase a small amount of fabric glue if you do not apply pressure to ensure the patch sticks onto thicker fabric. Iron both sides to ensure it stays onto the clothing.

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